EDI is highly automated and tightly integrated in Vantage Point.  It's available as an add-on to either VP Lite or VP Full, in one of two ways.  One way is Standard EDI Services, where we support your operation of an in-house translator.  The other way is Outsourced EDI Services, where we perform EDI translation services on your behalf. 

Here’s a brief outline of key functions and features provided by our EDI application.

  • UPC numbers are automatically assigned and your UPC Catalog is automatically maintained.

  • EDI exchanges all required documents with your trading partners, including sales orders, order acknowledgements, routing instructions, ASN’s, invoices, and much more.

  • EDI exchanges credit requests, invoice assignments, and chargebacks with your factor.

  • Functional acknowledgements returned for transactions you send are saved and stored for proof of transmission.

  • Exception reports highlight transactions sent but not acknowledged.


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