VP Lite includes our system foundation and distribution applications.  VP Lite is appropriate if you have no requirements related to cut-and-sew (domestic) production or imports (packages).  Here’s a list of the applications included in VP Lite and a brief outline of key functions and features.

Sales Force Applications

Sales Orders (Entry)

  • Orders can be entered interactively via network or web-based programs.

  • Entry devices can include PC’s, iPads, and tablets.

  • Orders can be batch-interfaced via EDI or spreadsheet files.

  • Order confirmations can be printed or emailed in user-defined formats.


  • Available-to-sell inquiries and reports exist in many flexible formats.

  • Inventory availability is also shown during sales order entry.

Bookings and Sales Analysis

  • Bookings, sales, and profitability inquiries and reports exist in many flexible formats.

  • Many analysis parameters include division, season, salesperson, customer, style, color, size, geographic area, and product class.

  • Analysis can start in summary and drill-down to details.

  • Comparisons to projections and last year are available.

Sales Commissions

  • Commissions are calculated in flexible ways from invoices, returns, and credit memos.

  • Produces full-featured commission statements.

  • Supports multi-level commissions. 

Customer Service Applications

Sales Orders (Maintenance)

  • Orders can be updated interactively via network or web-based programs.

  • Entry devices can include PC’s, iPads, and tablets.

  • Order updates can be batch-interfaced via EDI or spreadsheet files.

  • Full bulk-to-distro sales order features are provided.

  • Open and shipped sales order information is available in many flexible formats.

  • Shipped order information includes box level detail and shipment tracking numbers.


  • System catches sales order exceptions, like wrong prices and wrong terms.    

  • System checks sales orders for credit, internally (thru A/R) or externally (thru the factor).

  • Unapproved credit automatically becomes a sales order exception.

  • Orders with open exceptions can be stopped from picking or shipping.

  • Notices of exceptions can be automatically sent to customers and/or salespeople.

  • Special screens and reports help analyze and resolve open exceptions.

Inventory Allocation

  • Inventory allocation can run automatically or be done manually.

  • Ensures that pick tickets will be “shippable”.

  • Ensures related items will ship together and shades of coordinated items will match. 

  • Supports allocation across multiple warehouses.

  • Allocation parameters include order date, due date, order type, and customer priority.


  • Returns are controlled via return authorizations.

  • Authorization label can be sent for customer to place on the lead carton.

  • Goods received are automatically matched against open authorizations.

  • Credit memos are automatically created when goods are received.

  • Information on open and received authorizations is available in many flexible formats.

Warehouse Management Applications


  • Pick ticket forms can be barcoded for scanning.

  • Lines can be sequenced per the sales order or by warehouse location.

  • Optionally prints bulk pull tickets to support pre-picking to staging areas.

  • Wireless scanners can be used for interactive, paperless picking.

  • Reports show metrics by picker, including volume, speed, and accuracy.


  • UPC tickets on picked goods can be scanned to ensure picking accuracy. 

  • Verification can occur as part of picking, part of packing, or a separate step in-between.

  • Can be done on all orders, orders for specific customers, or random orders (audit basis).

  • Wireless scanners can be used for mobile verification.


  • Packing can be done box-by-box for smaller, pick-and-pack orders or en-masse for larger, pre-packed orders.

  • UCC standard or custom-by-customer carton labels are automatically produced.

  • Spreadsheet interface allows importing third-party shipping.

  • Supports pack-and-holds.

  • Reports show metrics by packer, including volume, speed, and accuracy.


  • Special reports and tools assist with routing shipments to carriers.

  • Box weights are collected automatically from scales or by manual entry.

  • Produces UCC standard or custom-by-customer bill-of-lading and shipping manifest forms.

  • Cartons on a pallet can be scanned against the bill-of-lading to ensure stacking accuracy.


  • Invoices are automatically created by the shipping process; no extra data entry needed.

  • Invoices are automatically printed, emailed, or sent via EDI, depending on customer setup.

  • Supports master invoices.

Finished Goods Inventory

  • Interactive, real-time inventory of finished goods, blanks, and other garment “subassemblies”.

  • Inventory parameters include style, color, size, warehouse, location, quality, and floor-ready status.

  • Supports multiple items for a location and multiple locations for an item.

  • Allows converting inventory from one item to another, and adding value in the process.

  • Supports scanning barcoded UPC’s, pallet labels, box labels, prepack labels, and/or location labels when capturing transactions.

  • Wireless scanners can be used for mobile transaction entry.

  • Real-time inventory inquiries and reports exist in many flexible formats.

  • Excellent audit trials of inventory balances, transactions, and costing.

  • Certain date-sensitive reports permit rolling back inventory for accounting purposes.

  • Excellent features for accurate physical counts, both cycle counts and full warehouse counts. 


Accounting Applications

Accounts Receivable

  • Special screens and reports address orders requiring credit approval.

  • Special features allow chargebacks as a subset of Accounts Receivable.

  • Maintains balances of non-factored invoices, credit memos, and chargebacks.

  • Payments and chargebacks can be manually entered interactively or batch-interfaced via EDI or spreadsheet files.

  • Special screens, reports, and notes-related features all assist your collection efforts.

  • Maintains extensive credit history by customer.

  • Includes other traditional features, such as aging reports, cash receipts journal, customer statements, and finance charges.

Executive Summaries

Daily Reports

  • Special set of reports that highlight company performance is sent daily to executives.

  • Similar to an executive dashboard.

  • Includes a recap of bookings, shipments, open orders, cash flow, and inventory positions.

  • Includes appropriate comparisons to last year and/or projections.

Utility Applications

Menu Security

  • Manages how menus are presented and controls who can run the programs.

  • Allows the creation of custom menus.

  • Access to programs can be controlled globally, with program-specific exceptions.

  • One user may adopt the security access of another, with specified differences.

Report Utility

  • Flexible tool for power users to create their own reports and spreadsheets.

  • Creates report prompt screens with a look-and-feel consistent with standard reports.

  • Reports can be output as PDF files or spreadsheets, and automatically emailed when complete.

  • Reports can be scheduled to run automatically during off-hours.


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