E-Commerce is highly automated and tightly integrated in Vantage Point.  While we don't provide a shopping cart website, our system is fully prepared to fulfill the e-commerce sales orders.  Our flexible interfaces can automatically exchange data with virtually any e-commerce platform, such as Magento, Shopify, and Big Commerce.   

Here’s a brief outline of key functions and features provided by our e-commerce interfaces.

  • You control what available inventory is automatically interfaced with the e-commerce website.

  • Sales orders taken by the e-commerce site are automatically interfaced into Vantage Point.  They can be immediately posted as they're received or held aside for your review before acceptance.

  • Pick tickets can be automatically produced as e-commerce orders are posted.

  • Bulk pull features in our warehouse management subsystem allow e-commerce pick tickets to be combined for pulling inventory to a staging area.  (This can greatly reduce the time required for picking.)

  • Shipment information can be automatically sent to the e-commerce site so it can display ship date and tracking numbers to the customer.  This also signals the site to convert the credit card authorization into a payment transaction.

  • E-commerce returns can be handled one of two ways:

    • Return authorizations taken by the e-commerce site can be automatically interfaced into Vantage Point. 

    • Or, e-commerce returns can be accepted by Vantage Point using the shipment as a point of control, thereby eliminating the need for a return authorization.

    • Either way, as returns are actually received, the e-commerce site can be automatically notified to issue a credit card refund.      


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