Our system is modular and offers the following software applications:  

  • Sales order entry

  • Inventory allocation

  • Warehouse management

  • Customer service

  • Sales analysis

  • Integrated EDI

  • PDM and cost sheets

  • Purchasing

  • Raw material and finished goods inventories

  • Cut-and-sew production

  • Imports (packages)

  • Chargebacks and general accounting. 


Vantage Point is an integrated software system for wholesale apparel.


"Your Place or Mine"

Our software can run on your servers (in your computer room) or on ours (at our datacenter), as a cloud-based solution. 


CSV Interfaces

Our system has many CSV interfaces for uploading data.  Use these as an alternative to interactive entry or to import data from outside systems. 


Executive Dashboard 

Our Executive Dashboard recaps key analytics and important exceptions. View the dashboard from the cloud on PC's and mobile devices. 

Feature-Rich:  Our software has several applications and is rich in functions and features, automating many tasks you may be doing manually and providing a more-controlled infrastructure to your business. (See below for a few of our key features.)

"Karen Kane, Inc. has used Vantage Point to manage our business operations for over 25 years. Their EDI expertise has been invaluable. Their integrated accounting applications help us minimize our accounting expense. Perhaps best of all, their integrated Warehouse Management system has really streamlined our warehouse operations and greatly improved both the quality and efficiency of our inventory and shipping related functions.  I highly recommend their software."

"Citizens of Humanity is a well-known designer and manufacturer of high-end denim apparel.  We've used Vantage Point for 20 years. Their software is flexible and their customer service is excellent.  Vantage Point has adapted well over the years to our ever-changing ways of conducting business, including overseas and drop-ship requirements.    We value them as a long-term, strategic business partner."

Lonnie Kane

President, Karen Kane, Inc.

Christine Soh

Director of IT, Citizens of Humanity 

1.  Apparel Specialty

2.  Turn-Key Solutions

3.  Experienced Support

We specialize in apparel and the style-color-size structure that goes along with it. We have turn-key software, so you're up and running quickly.  

We've been in business for over 25 years. Our staff is skilled and experienced, in technology and apparel. This means better support for you.  

Our software is constantly improving.  A new release of our software comes out annually, each filled with new functions, features, and technologies.


Our pricing structure is flexible, with a lower entry cost for smaller customers yet ensuring continued value as you grow.

"Hybrid Apparel is a high-volume apparel manufacturer with several divisions and varying application requirements.  We've used Vantage Point as our ERP system for many years.  Their performance as a software system and a service organization has been outstanding, covering our business needs reliably and cost-effectively, especially in the area of EDI.  And their working relationship with our IT Department couldn't be better!"  

"South Coast Computers is a prominent provider of IT services.  We have many apparel manufacturers as clients and several of them use Vantage Point.  Those clients are very happy with the services and results from Vantage Point.  They've found them to be knowledgeable, reliable, and cost effective.  At times when South Coast Computers coordinated with Vantage Point on projects for customers, we found them to be very skilled and easy to work with."

Orlando Lopez

Director of IT, Hybrid Apparel

Greg Davis

President, South Coast Computers

A few key features of our software:


E-Commerce and Drop-Ship:  We have an infrastructure that well-handles e-commerce and drop-ship sales orders.  This includes separate available inventories per website and the easy handling of returns.

Warehouse Management:  We have an integrated Warehouse Management system, including inventories by box, pallet, inventory location, and with special programs designed for mobile scanners.

Executive Dashboard:  Our Executive Dashboard application recaps key analytics and important business exceptions. View the dashboard from the cloud on PC's and mobile devices.

Integrated Accounting:  We have integrated Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Chargebacks, and General Ledger applications. Click to see a short, light-hearted video on Interfaces to Accounts Payable.

PDM Our system has an integrated PDM application that helps your Design Department create and manage styles and cost sheets. Click to see a short video on Introduction to PDM.

EDI:  EDI is naturally and tightly integrated with our system.  You can use an in-house translator or outsource the translation services to us.  Click to see a short video on What is EDI? 

"Swat-Fame has used Vantage Point as our ERP system for almost 25 years. We've seen many changes in the apparel industry over that time and Vantage Point has always evolved their software system to match. One of the biggest changes is a growing need to handle drop-ship orders. Vantage Point addresses the  world of e-commerce very well.  We value our long-term relationship with them."

"Michael Stars has successfully used Vantage Point to run our business operations for almost 15 years.  Their system helps us keep the right amount of inventory, dye the right assortment of colors, and ship sales orders on time.  Great software and a great company."

Dan Bride

Director of IT, Swat-Fame

Jeff Busse

CFO, Michael Stars

We have interfaces with hundreds of EDI and e-commerce trading partners, including all the significant department stores and apparel retailers.   There are too many to list here and the number is constantly growing but here's a few you'll recognize, just to whet your appetite.                                                       

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